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Finding & Flipping Your Pain's Off Switch

Finding & Flipping Your Pain's Off Switch

Dedicated to Dr. Janet Travell, who alleviated my pain and 

inspired a fulfilling life-long passion to help others heal.


Dedicated to Dr. Janet Travell, who alleviated my pain and 

inspired a fulfilling life-long passion to help others heal.

San Diego Trigger Point Therapy


Three Decades of Experience

John Zlatic, CMTPT, is San Diego's only Board Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist. The 1982 Brown University grad has over three decades of success in helping others recover lives upended by myofascial pain and dysfunction. (Car accidents, Sports Injuries, Repetitive Stress Injuries, etc.)

   "If pain, weakness or limited range of motion is interfering with your life, please allow me to help you find & flip your PAIN-OFF switch."


What is a trigger Point?

In the simplest terms, a Trigger Point is a tender-to-the-touch spot in body tissue that influences pain signals in different body parts. This Trigger Point map (right) labels some very common pain triggers with an X

The RED-colored areas show where these X's typically cause pain: 

           "I hurt HERE (red areas) but it's coming from THERE." (X) 

A skilled practitioner examining your tissues can determine within minutes if Trigger Points are contributing to your pain/dysfunction.  


Is it effective? Is there Validating Research?

Yes and Yes! The majority of Trigger Point pain sufferers I've treated since 1986  report improvement with the first session. In 1961, Robert Kennedy wrote that, without the therapy Dr. Janet Travell provided his brother, "Jack would not presently be President of the United States."

   JFK himself said that, in addition to her medical brilliance — and despite expected backlash — he appointed Travell as the first woman White House Physician so that her trigger therapy would become more widely known.

   Travell (1901-1997) authored more than 100 medical/scientific articles. She and co-author Dr. David G. Simons also wrote the first edition of Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, which therapists admiringly refer to as "The Red Bible." 

   Travell prescribed for President Kennedy's aching back the rocking chair (left) that would become a popular emblem of his Presidency.


Beware of jumping to conclusions


While X-rays and MRIs are certainly useful, in Miranda's (and many other cases) they also can lead to erroneous conclusions regarding the source of a patient's pain. Her medical imaging revealed spinal canal narrowing and a disk rupture, but her pain resolved by eliminating its triggers in her muscles/fascia. After one treatment, she reduced her pain meds 75% and after two treatments, she still had some pain. but no longer needed any narcotics. Several treatments later the pain resolved and we moved on to releasing years-long shoulder restrictions.

Most meaningul endorsement


Over thirty-plus years I've received enthusiastic endorsements from "VIP's" (actors, Olympic/pro athletes, politicians, industrialists, Navy Seals), but I'm most honored by the appreciation from arguably the world's greatest ultra-endurance athlete. When a SUPERman I've assisted in racing his bike across the country in eight days... or running the equivalent of over ten marathons in a long weekend... When Mike Trevino tells a friend that "John is a World Class healer," ... I know I'm on the right path.

reason for being


Someone arising from my treatment table with elation upon discovering welcome improvements to the way they feel never fails to elicit my broadest smile. From multiple personal experiences, I know what it means to be suffering and the appreciation that comes with healing.  Freeing others from pain is deeply satisfying and sparks multiple heartwarming emotions. It never gets old. Emails like these excerpted above make my day, bless my life...   I look forward to yours. 

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